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How do I join?

How much does it cost? is free to join!

Oh, I’ve heard that before. Free to join and then everything inside is behind a paywall!

Damn, you’re jaded. But who can blame you, because that does happen all the time. But not here. We are really free! All of it. There’s no paywalls. Down the road we may create a paid VIP tier with some extra features for those who want it, but we haven’t decided for sure yet. In any case, everything that’s free now will stay free. Bait and switch is lame and we wouldn’t do that to you.

Do you make money from affiliate sales?

That’s one goal! So click those links in the blog posts and buy, so we can get a small cut of the giant pie. We are careful about only recommending products we think are great and that we think our members will like.

What is all about?

Why the name? What’s a Goal Rebel?

Who’s behind the site?

Me, AK Spencer. It began as a personal blog, some years back. But then I decided to make it into a membership site for fellow goal and personal development freaks. I’m not keen on “personal branding” crap, so my goal is for this to really be a community with highly active members who feel a sense of ownership.

So why did you make this site?

Three reasons.

  1. For the love of goals and personal development, and to share that love. The foun
  2. To create a positive and motivating online refuge from all the politics, negativity, contentiousness, virtue signaling, other nastiness that dominates so much social media now.
  3. It’s part of a larger personal goal to have a business/do work that I love and become financially independent doing it!

How do I cancel my account?

Why would you want to do that? But if you insist, you can do it from within your profile. Just click the gear icon to the right, and on the setting page menu click “Delete Account.” You can also shoot GoalRebel1 a PM and we’ll do it for you . . . while weeping, wailing, and gnashing our teeth ever so melodramatically.

What’s the difference between Groups and Forums?

I keep getting 404 errors!

It’s irritating, isn’t it? When you get one of those “page not found” errors, don’t panic. This glitch happens for mysterious reasons that only technical wizards understand. But they always resolved within a few minutes (sometimes a few hours if the wizards are sleeping). Once the site gets a bit bigger our goal is to summon even more powerful technical wizards who can banish the 404 errors to the nine hells, forever.