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As GoalRebels we naturally dislike rules. So while some of these are definitely rules, let’s just call them guidelines . . .

Don’t Be A Princess

GoalRebels eschew whining, bitching, moaning, complaining, and acting entitled. We’re too busy achieving our goals, striving, and thriving to waste time with such nonsense.

No Politics

GoalRebels come from just about every point on the political spectrum. We just aren’t political here, on That includes identity politics, left politics, right politics, any politics, all politics. is not the place to #standwith #standagainst or virtue signal.

Don’t spam


Don’t troll

Double duh.

Be Tolerant

GoalRebels try to be tolerant of people who have different, and even opposing, opinions. This helps GoalRebels develop a broader and more intelligent perspective on life, while becoming better human beings.

Be Nice

You don’t have to be Tom Hanks level nice to be a GoalRebel. You just got to do your best at not being an asshole. Sometimes you’ll fail. That’s okay. When you do, be nice and forgive yourself.

Have Fun

GoalRebels know that achieving our goals can be serious business. But we also know better than to take ourselves too seriously and become boring old fuddy duddies. What’s the point of achieving your goals if you can’t enjoy yourself in the process? So have fun!