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It’s Time To Lose Some Wait!

Do you have an important goal you’ve been postponing or procrastinating for a while now? If so I’m guessing you have given yourself plenty of good reasons why now isn’t the right time to begin, and it’s probably best to wait.

For the last few months many of us are offering the  same apparently very good reason why we aren’t pursuing important goals: Covid 19.

Seems legit, at first blush.

But I think that for most goals, it’s just one more in a long line of bullshit excuses we make. The best bullshit excuses always look legit, after all. We’re not idiots. If we’re going to lie to ourselves, we demand a lie that’s believable!

A reliable bullshit litmus test for determining if this or other reasons for waiting are legitimate is to ask yourself if you had other good reasons for waiting before this most recent good reason for waiting.

If the answer is yes, this new “good” reason is probably bullshit.

If the answer is a lot of yeses, then it’s almost definitively bullshit.

If you had plenty of “good” reasons for waiting to pursue a goal yesterday, and you have a “good” reason to wait today, then it doesn’t take a psychic to predict that you’ll probably find another “good” reason for waiting tomorrow.

There’s Only One Right Time

We need to ditch the idea that there is or ever will be a perfect, right, or better time than NOW to begin our goal. There’s no goal that we can’t take some action towards accomplishing, NOW.

Circumstances outside of our control may indeed limit the scope of our action, but they rarely prevent us from acting entirely. Just because you may have to wait on taking some steps, doesn’t mean you can’t take any steps at all.

Here are some ideas for actions you can take with your goal right now . . .

  • Create a plan
  • Make checklists
  • Identify resources
  • Research, research, research
  • Make the call
  • Create a vision board
  • Find an ally
  • Find a mentor
  • Sign up for a course
  • Take an action, any action, however seemingly small. Now. Today.
  • Then take another tomorrow

If you take consistent action towards your goals, however small those actions may be, the doors to bigger actions will eventually open. They always do for the man or woman of action. In the meantime, even small actions will put the lie in your own mind to the idea that there’s a better time to begin than now.

Obstacles Aren’t Reasons

A goal is a goal is a goal. It doesn’t stop being a goal when an obstacle is thrown in the way, no matter how big the obstacle may be. Yet, so often when confronted by obstacles we think that’s a good reason to wait. This is silly. Obstacles in and of themselves aren’t good reasons for failing to take action.

Obstacles may demand that we change tactics. But there’s one tactic that never works: Standing there, do nothing, and waiting for the obstacle to go away. It probably won’t (That’s the irritating thing about obstacles. It’s their nature to be obstacles!)

So when facing an obstacle to your goal don’t surrender to the temptation to wait and do nothing. Instead ask yourself if there are any ways over, under, around, or through the obstacle. You are a magnificently creative and resourceful human being . . . if you put your mind to it I wager you’ll find a way.

Lose Some Wait

Can you think of areas where you suffer from terminal Waititus? What strategies have you tried to beat it and start losing some wait? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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