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Navigation Guide

Here’s a quick guide to the different areas and features of

Site navigation is easy and divided into three menus:

  • Main Menu
  • User Menu
  • Shortcuts

Here’s a breakdown of each . . .


The Lobby – Your dashboard after logging in, with the key features in one place. It’s also where you’ll find site announcements.

The Blog – The site blog. ‘Nuff said.

Activity – This is like a Facebook feed, where you can see all the recent site activity, in one place, and can post your own updates.

Activity Stream Quick Tip: Use the dropdown menu to view updates by type.

Forums – Discussions based on topic. Join the conversation or start your own! This is also where you’ll find discussions for our Courses.

Forums Quick Tip: Everything posted in the forums shows up on the activity stream so you can respond there if you like, but we recommend you respond to forum posts from within the forums. This is because while forum posts show up on the activity stream, but activity stream responses don’t show up in the forums! In other words, people checking out the activity stream may see your response, but those looking in the forums won’t. We’re not techy nerdy enough to unravel this mystery. It’s just the way it is.

Groups – Unlike forums that are organized into threaded topics, Groups are more like clubs where members gather based on a theme or shared interest.

Groups Quick Tip: If you belong to a Group everything posted there will also show up in your Activity Stream; and, unlike with the forums, you can reply there too, without having to navigate to the Group.

Courses – This is where you’ll find our amazing personal development courses!

Fun – This is where you’ll find info on earning site badges; it’s also where we’ll share links to polls, quizzes, and other fun stuff.


This is where you’ll find your, profile, groups you’ve joined, friends you’ve made, posts you’ve written, and so on.


The icons here represent . . .

  • Your shopping cart
  • Friend requests
  • Activity in your groups
  • Notifications
  • Messages